Smartphone Filmmaking: A Journey to Develop Social and Emotional Skills for Underserved Communities in Latin America

May 12, 2021Juan Manuel Pico, Co-Founder of Education Soul & Country Lead – Colombia of HundrED Publicado en : K-12 Digest Today, we eat uncertainty for breakfast. The world we live in has changed dramatically, especially since the pandemic started at the beginning of last year. Technology is advancing faster than ever and the demands … Leer más

La carrera entre tecnología y educación

Por: Juan Manuel Pico. Dic 2 de 2020. Publicado originalmente en: En el documento de la OCDE (2016) denominado The Future of Education and Skills 2030se hace referencia al estudio de Claudia Goldin y Lawrence Katz (2008), quienes tras varias décadas de investigación sobre el sistema educativo de los Estados Unidos establecen su relación con … Leer más

Closing the Reading Comprehension Gap in Colombia

Publicado originalmente en: Dic 7 de 2020 Por: Juan Manuel Pico Students in Colombia, a country with a population of 50 million, score lower than the OECD average in reading, mathematics and science at PISA (Program for International Student Assessment that surveys every three years the 15-year-old students on their level of knowledge and … Leer más

We must focus on Teachers, too!

Por: Juan Manuel Pico 7 de octubre de 2018 Publicada en: Last week, we celebrated the World Teacher Day. ¿Are we doing what is needed to put our teachers at the center of our society? This is specially a critical question if the one who writes these lines works and lives in a country … Leer más